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Truth Talks

A Changing Minds Podcast from Truth Consulting, celebrating insight professionals and teams who've been able to make a difference.

Thank you for listening to our first series of Truth Talks. Stay tuned for future episodes of Truth Talks.

Truth Talks - Trailer

We are very excited to announce our new podcast series, Truth Talks, celebrating those who are working to make a real difference in the #insights and #research industry.

In our opening episodes, we’re getting ready for the AURAs, speaking to Suzanne Lugthart about the Awards, and hearing from the finalists and those who nominated them for the Individual Impact Clientside Award.

Don’t miss our fascinating series – Truth Talks, hosted by Head of Truth, Leanne Tomasevic. Coming soon on all podcast platforms.

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Truth Talks - Ep. 2 with Angharad Edwards

In Episode 2, Leanne catches up with our second AURA Awards finalist, Angharad Edwards, Insights and Analysis Manager at the Midcounties Co-operative, who was nominated by her colleague, Helen James, Head of Member Trade and Communications.

We find out what Angharad has done in her role to be chosen as an Individual Insight Client Impact finalist, how being a member of AURA has helped Midcounties network with other organisations, and about developing bravery and strong leadership skills to have impact.

Subscribe to Truth Talks to hear all four AURA awards finalists we’re speaking to.Subscribe to Truth Talks to hear all four AURA awards finalists we’re speaking to.

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Truth Talks - Ep. 1 with Naomi Plummer

In this first episode of Truth Talks, host and head of Truth Consulting, Leanne Tomasevic, dives into the AURA Awards. As sponsors of the Individual Impact Clientside Award, Leanne speaks to Suzanne Lugthart to find out more about what it means and what the judges are looking for to decide the winner.

Then we hear from our first finalist, Naomi Plummer of the John Lewis Partnership, and Rhiannon Griffiths who nominated her, who tell us what Naomi has done in her role as Customer Insights Manager and what it takes to make a real impact in the insights industry.

This is one of four opening episodes of Truth Talks about the AURA awards. Don’t miss our fascinating series talking to these amazing finalists.

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Truth Talks - Ep. 3 with Bradly Bain

Bradley Bain, Qualitative Research Analyst at Barclays, is our next finalist for the Individual Insight Clientside Award.


In Episode 3 he is represented by David Woodley, Head of Qualitative Research. David tells us why he nominated Bradley and the difference it can make to the team and the business as a whole to have someone like him on board.


Amongst the qualities that make him worthy as an AURA finalist are confidence paired with humility, being a trusted advisor, as well as determination and tenacity.

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Truth Talks - Ep. 4 with Rachel Parry

Client Insight Manager, Rachel Parry was nominated by her colleague at Irwin Mitchell, Harry Mirpuri for the AURA Individual Insight Clientside Award. Rachel tells us about the insight initiatives she has spearheaded to make an impact in the organisation and that have led her to be shortlisted.


She talks about always bringing a new perspective to her projects, constantly questioning and thinking "what else?", and knowing how impactful the client voice is.


This is the last of our four episodes profiling the finalists of the AURAs. The Truth-sponsored Award will be given at the AURAs ceremony on 20th July and we look forward to congratulating all the nominees and winners on the night.

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