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We are proud to be a MRS Accredited Company Partner.

The MRS plays an increasingly important role in our industry. Commercial and social research sectors are ever-changing, in the same way that the worlds we research are changing, often rapidly and sometimes with profound implications. We at Truth recognise the role the MRS does and should play in these changing worlds. We are proud to be an MRS Company Partner because we believe that we, as an industry, are better together.

ED&I has been a passion for the Truth business for some time and it is through various initiatives in this space that we have come to recognise just how much the MRS does. This involvement has also exposed us to some of the many other initiatives run, supported and enabled by the MRS outside of ED&I.

At Truth, our belief is that giving back to the industry is essential. Without this focus beyond our own interests we, as an industry, will never be able to navigate our way through challenges and towards the myriad of opportunities that exist if we work collectively.

So, in short, we are delighted to be an official MRS Company Partner, and look forward to a creative journey that embraces change and makes our industry stronger.

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