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The MRS Inclusion Pledge and Why it Matters to Truth.

By Dr Mark Thorpe


The MRS Inclusion Pledge is a sector-first initiative that was created in 2018 as part of a process to drive greater equality within the research and insight sector.  The MRS states that:

"We believe that a sector that provides insight and evidence about human behaviour and society should be representative of the world it serves. We are committed to creating an inclusive environment where the only barriers to progress are personal choice and professional competence."

Signing the Pledge, which is open to both organisations and individuals, demonstrates a commitment to drive forward across six commitments.  These commitments cover transparency (e.g. around pay), fairness, representation, equity and equality (defined in various ways) – for more details, see:

To date, just over 100 companies have signed the MRS Inclusion Pledge.  This number should be much higher.  Every research organisation should be on the list.  No exceptions.  Creating a inclusive, representative and fair workplace should never be a consideration; it should be the primary indicator of a healthy workplace.


Why do we at Truth love the MRS Inclusion Pledge?

It’s a simple one really: people matter. We recognise that having diverse teams, where EVERYONE is treated with dignity and respect, is better for our business.  People are happier.  Our collective intelligence is greater.  Our experiences broader.  We can talk about the world as insiders, rather than perched on the outside looking in. 

In the words of our MD, Matilda Andersson:

"Our commitment to the MRS Inclusion Pledge isn't just about ticking a box; it's about actively shaping an industry that we love for the better. I’ve seen the benefits of working towards the commitments in the Pledge for our people, clients, and importantly, our supplier partners as well. The Pledge in practice is about sparking conversations, fostering understanding, and challenging ourselves to do better every day."



Why being on the bus is just not enough?

It would be easy for us to sign the Pledge, feel good and move on.  But that’s missing the point.  We really believe in what the Pledge is and what it could mean for the future of our industry and, most importantly, the people within it.  So we are pushing ourselves to do more than simply sign on the dotted line. 

We are proud to have launched a series of Pledge podcasts, in association with the MRS.  The aim is to highlight what the Pledge means to people and organisations within the industry.  So, we will be talking to a range of people and asking them to share their experiences and their Pledge journey.  Yes, it is a journey.  Even best practice can be made better.  Signing the Pledge not a static tick-box process, or at least it really shouldn’t be.

Our hope is that these podcasts will inspire more individuals and organisations to sign-up.  We also hope that existing signatories feel empowered by what they hear to do more, to seek to be better, and to understand that the Inclusion Pledge is about becoming (even) better.


We are all changemakers now!

If we want change to happen, then we are the ones who must make it happen.  Everyone is part of the solution.  Becoming better needs all of us onboard.  For those of you who are unaware of the MRS Inclusion Pledge, please check it out.  Be part of the change we need.  For those existing signatories, ask yourself the question: “are we doing enough” and, if the answer is “no” then think about what else you should be doing.  Your staff will love you for it and your business will be fitter to face a different future.



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