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The Challenge of Digital Exclusion in the UK.

Listen to the full episode on Spotify :

Sarah Christie, Deputy Managing Director at Truth is joined by Lee Webb, Head of Vulnerability at Barclays, to explore the pressing issue of digital exclusion in the UK. In this episode, Lee discusses the multifaceted challenges and potential solutions for bridging the digital divide, particularly for vulnerable populations.


What’s Revealed?


  • Understanding Digital Exclusion: Learn about the factors contributing to digital exclusion.


  • Personal and Professional Insights: Discover Lee’s personal journey and professional commitment to tackling digital exclusion.


  • Strategic Solutions: Explore practical strategies and initiatives aimed at improving digital inclusion.


  • Role of Financial Services: Understand the critical role banks and financial services play in promoting digital literacy and inclusion.


  • Future Outlook: Gain insights into the future of digital inclusion and the steps necessary to create a more inclusive digital landscape for everyone.


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