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DISRUPTIONS: The Transformational New World Realities of MENTAL OBESITY

Mental Obesity

What do we mean by DISRUPTIONS?

Trends talk seems to be everywhere; almost everyone has a view on what the emergent trends are. At Truth we often see these so-called trends as simply ‘happenings’ – niche, sometimes with very little substance or point.

Truth has developed a new approach to future-thinking that we call DISRUPTIONS. These are profound, universal human truths. The DISRUPTIONS we identify are changing the way we are as human beings, the cultures that run through our lives and the very essence of being human.

  1. DISRUPTIONS... are world-changing; they will impact businesses and organisations in profound ways.

  2. DISRUPTIONS... are a challenge to the status-quo and force us to re-examine who and what we are, how and what we do.

  3. DISRUPTIONS... are not for the faint hearted, they often appear radical, and talking about them requires bravery.

  4. DISRUPTIONS... challenge orthodoxy, they make us uncomfortable, but it is in this discomfort that change lies.

Issue 1 delves into the concept of Mental Obesity, examining how information overload impacts our brains and communication strategies.

Download the full report here...

DISRUPTIONS_The Transformational New World Realities of MENTAL OBESITY
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