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8 Ways To Make Chatbots Your Friend in Qualitative Research with Dickson Lam

Chatbots are revolutionising qualitative studies by offering data collection and analysis at scale. We can now collect texts, pictures, and videos, offering a natural, engaging, and fun interaction for participants, enhancing response rates and data quality. But what are the best use cases, and what do we lose in the interaction?

Hot off the heels from using AI-powered chatbots to gain insights for a global tech giant, Dickson Lam, Associate Director his Top Tips on 'How to Make Chatbots Your Friend in Qualitative Research'.

  1. Understand the Role of Chatbots: Chatbots are powerful tools for scaling up qualitative insights, not replacements for traditional online communities, focus groups, or in-depth interviews.

  2. Boost Engagement: Some study designs really benefit from chatbots. For example, an interactive pre-task is much more engaging than a lengthy written ‘homework’ task.

  3. Pick The Right Platform: A superior chatbot platform is device-agnostic, equipped with diverse question and analysis tools, and user-friendly for both participants and researchers.

  4. Choose The Right Panel Provider: Collaborate with a panel partner who caters to a broad audience, including older age groups and those with lower tech proficiency.

  5. Craft Questions For Quality Responses: The choice and phrasing of questions significantly influence the quality of AI probes and the participant responses.

  6. Prevent AI Spoilers: AI is handy in generating probing questions, but be thoughtful about your question flow so that the chatbot doesn’t inadvertently reveal upcoming questions.

  7. Be Adaptable In Your Analysis: A good chatbot platform usually has built-in analysis tools but be open to using other tools like word clouds, AI coding, and Copilot to add creativity and new angles to your data analysis.

  8. Outputs Over Methods: it’s easy to get swept away with new tech so it’s important to remember that recommendations and actions are the most important outcome, but AI chatbots offer a way to get to great insights in new and creative ways. Want to know more about AI and Chatbots at Truth? Get in touch... 


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