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"Exploring the future of Women's Health"

Unpacking what it means to be a women across Europe and Canada, drawing from a bank of influential experts and our own cultural analysis of the space.

Pfizer had identified the opportunity to capitalise on the growing penetration of women’s health products. To help them understand how to play in this space, the propositions that would be most relevant and how this would impact their current portfolio of brands and organisations, we worked with Pfizer to unpack what it means to be a woman across Europe and Canada. We drew insight from experts such as beauty and fashion consultants, gender studies academics and gynaecologists, as well as reviewing leading retail spaces and influential media.


We developed a map of this space, outlining several emerging territories with growth potential that led to the repurposing of many of Pfizer’s existing brand identities and communications. This strategic development plan is used as the benchmark for all business opportunity assessment.

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