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Major Supermarket Supplier

"Understanding consumer priorities in creating a new healthy ready meals range"

We helped to create a new healthy ready meals range and rebrand an existing one to meet changing needs around health - resulting in a 50% uplift in sales. 

Oscar Mayer recognised that health needs are constantly evolving and complex. To help them stay ahead of the curve, we undertook a deep-dive into health trends and codes, mapping these against changing consumer priorities to identify breakthrough opportunity areas.

We recognised consumer frustration with the dullness of existing healthy meal solutions and focused on creating salient territories that would inject excitement into ‘good-for-you’ ready meals, whilst meeting changing functional needs.

As a result, Oscar Mayer and the major supermarket supplier rebranded and relaunched an existing range and created the new ‘My Goodness’ range to take healthy beyond ‘low calorie’.

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