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Digital Platform Provider

"Becoming better at engaging women in the world of technology"

Better understand the decision-making of women.

This Digital Platform Provider's mission statement is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. With a growing range of connected devices, the interface between the users and the information has started to become fragmented, which has amplified the need to control the full user experience.


This development has pushed the provider from being a pure online company to a nascent consumer product company, offering a range of hardware products with software, e.g. the smartphones and the Home assistant device. These products can either be bought directly from the ​providers store or through strategic partners like carriers and retailers (availability differ by market).


Truth worked with the provider to help them understand the thought processes and decision-making of women around tech. Importantly, we helped the provider to see the points at which it could augment its marketing and communications to ensure greater traction and conversion.

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