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We are a global strategic insights consultancy, specialising in business strategy, brand development, innovation and communications. We help our clients create rich, meaningful and commercially valuable truth.


Truth brings together an eclectic mix of expertise in strategy, qualitative and quantitative research, semiotics, behavioural science, foresight, unstructured data, analytics, comms and content.


Together our job is to find truth, distil it, and bring it to life to drive commercial growth and future potential for brands.

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How can we tap into culture for improved brand relevance?

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How can we drive

commercial value?

Icon Template_Opera House_Royal Mail.png

How should I position my

brand to maximise growth?

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What is the future of…?

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What are the needs of my

customers and how can I

bring these to life?

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What is the ideal

customer journey?

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How do I optimise the

shopper experience?

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What new product or

proposition should

we create?

You Are Not Normal!

Imagine if we viewed ourselves as abnormal, unrepresentative, niche, and marginal, rather than 'normal' and 'representative'. How would that reshape what we do, how we think, and what/how we think about others?
Join us in embracing our 'abnormality' and seeing the world differently.

Click the link here to read more.

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Our Awards

2022  |  Agency of the Year Finalist  |  MRS

2022  |  Application & Impact of Data Finalist  |  MRS

2021  |  Business Impact of the Year Finalist  |  MRS

2020  |  Business Impact of the Year Highly Commended  |  MRS

2020  |  Agency of the Year Finalist  |  MRS

2020  |  Financial Services Research Finalist  |  MRS

We are ISO 27001 certified by the British Assessment Bureau

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