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Who are we?

At Truth, we are passionate about diversity and inclusion. Not just as an idea, or even an ideal; it is something we live and breathe. We respect and embrace difference; it is at the very heart of who we are. Life is experienced and expressed in a myriad of ways; recognising this makes us stronger. No divides, no barriers, no prejudice; just people working together to make truth matter more.

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Leanne Tomasevic

Head of Truth

Mark 1.jpg
Dr Mark Thorpe

Board Director

Sarah Christie

Senior Director

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Liam 1.jpg
Denise Glasemann

Senior Director

Liam Bowden


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Callum Wynne


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Katherine Thew _ WBG copy.jpg
Katherine Thew


Tom Morgan


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Quantitative Researchers

Massimo Bufi

Juliet Wood

Caitlin Murphy

Victor Landeros

Adam Scriven

Lina Gaidyte

Alex Anthoness

Octavia Pearce

Giulia Bonesso

Qualitative Researchers

Kate Stratton

Joanna Royce

Claudine Levy

Claire Kennard

Hannah Frith

Chantal Woolcock

Harry Boulding

Catherine Anstead

Annabelle Fain

Barnaby Purvis

Rebecca Hill

Taiye Akin-Akinyosoye

Operations & Design

Elair Koo

Nadia Dillon

Beth Pugh

Sam Johnson

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