We're hiring a Quant Specialist

What we’re looking for…

A quantitative specialist (but a qualitative ‘non rejecter’) to join our diverse team. An intelligent, interesting individual who combines solid quant skills with a desire to think strategically. We want someone who will be able to hit the ground running, handling all aspects of quantitative projects on a day to day basis, whilst also welcoming the opportunity to develop as quickly as they want.


We are interested in only top performers with 2-4 years’ relevant experience who are ambitious, driven and enthusiastic. They may have entered a graduate programme within a large agency or have gone directly into a more boutique agency. But either way, they are looking to take the next step up in their career.

Key skills

  • Strong communicator - able to drive projects, colleagues and clients
  • Happy and confident to work closely with clients
  • Collaborative skills. Able to run projects in teams, but equally self-sufficient as appropriate
  • Experience in taking part in analysis sessions and contributing to writing up deliverables
  • Ability to see beyond reportage to think about the take-outs and implications of data
  • Enjoy finding the story in data and finding ways to present it in a visually compelling way
  • Attention to detail and rigorous project control skills – checking DP specs, links, tables and data
  • Experience in writing solid questionnaires from scratch
  • Skilled at vendor / supplier management
  • Comfortable presenting ideas to colleagues and clients
  • Knowledge of SPSS and Excel (any experience with Q software preferred but not required)
  • Some experience of working with advanced quant techniques such as conjoint, segmentation, etc. (but no expectation of running the analysis itself)

Personal qualities

  • Bright, intelligent and sharp
  • Supportive team player
  • Hardworking, positive and committed
  • Pro-active, open-minded and flexible
  • Deeply engrained common sense
  • Good sense of humour
  • Interested in the world around them (e.g. trends, people, culture, organisations)

Please send your CV and cover letter to