Truth at the EPIC 2017 ethnography conference

How research can transform patients’ lives and doctors’ working practices

We are very excited here at Truth to have been selected to speak at EPIC 2017, the premier international conference on ethnography in industry.

Drawing attendees from a wide range of social sciences and marketing and research disciplines, this year’s event is themed around ‘perspectives’ and will explore how vantage points affect the way ethnographic research works.

Speaking in the “Narrative and perspective shifts” section, we’ll be presenting a paper called “The Inhuman Condition: How Research Unlocked New Perspectives on Psoriasis and Began to Change How It’s Understood and Treated.”

It will explain our work with a global pharmaceutical company constructing and conducting a research programme to investigate the wide-ranging impacts of psoriasis on patients over time. Crucially, too, we’ll be talking about how the work explored how well healthcare professionals (HCPs) were responding to changing patient needs and how HCPs and pharmaceutical companies could better support patients.

For us, it’s the culmination of a big piece of work that – by designing new ways of understanding complex medical conditions and then involving patients, HCPs and marketers in creating solutions – we hope will have a transformative impact on a largely hidden condition which can have drastic physical, social and emotional consequences.

EPIC takes place in Montréal, Canada, from October 22-25, 2017. We’re speaking on Tuesday 24th in the afternoon, so, if you’re going to be there, please come and say hello. We’ll have a full report on EPIC after it closes, but you can follow the proceedings of the conference with the twitter hashtag #epiconference.