Truth about GenZ - Opportunity for young film makers

Truth is offering the opportunity for young GenZ film makers to make their voice heard.

News is full of stories about Gen Z – the generation born after 1997. Journalists, marketers and politicians are all sharing their views on this generation, its attitudes and behaviours. We at Truth want to hear it from you; we would like to give young film-makers the chance to create a documentary and tell us what it really is like to be a Gen Zer today. We’d like you to help us see things from your perspective:

Tell us stories about you and your generation that matter but have not yet been heard.


1- What’s this project all about?

What we’d like you to do?

We’d like to commission a Gen Z film student or a team of students working together to create a 5 - 12 minute documentary about the life of your generation.

Areas we’d like you to consider include:

  • Your lifestyle, attitude to life and the future
  • How technology and social media are used and how they’re shaping opinions, behaviours and feelings
  • Passions and aspirations, hopes and fears of your generation
  • Identity, style and my culture – how are these shaped and inspired, and who influences them
  • Relationships with and attitudes towards brands

You can focus on one of the areas more while still touching on the others or have a more balanced way of treating the topics – we’re open to hearing your approach.

What’s the benefit for you?

We want to make sure this project will benefit you or your team on multiple levels, so here is what we will offer:

  • Professional experience and a reference
  • Exposure and reach for your work (your work will be credited); this will be shared on Truth social media, and seen by many companies’ marketing teams
  • Mentoring by professionals at key points of the project
  • £500 for you / to share between the team


2- How can you apply?

You are eligible to take part if you are born in 1997 or after.You should also be a full or part time student studying film or a related creative field.

Your pitch should address the questions below. It can be written pitch or a quick video - whatever medium you feel would best bring to life your documentary idea.

  • What story would you want to tell about your generation?
  • How would do approach this task? (I.e. How would you investigate this topic? Who would you talk to? Where would you go?)
  • How would you tell the story? (Please use visual references, e.g. mood board or mood video).
  • Please also share a link to your portfolio or past work if possible!
  • Please also tell us: your name & names of your team members, your year of birth, and where you study & the degree/ course you are studying

Please submit your pitch to by Sunday 30th October

(please note we can only accept receive files size up to 20 MB - you can submit larger files via WeTransfer or similar)


3- What happens after you’ve applied?

We will get in touch with you by EOP Monday 31s October to let you know if you are chosen for the documentary . You will be invited to meet the team at Truth (Wednesday 2nd  or Thursday 3rd Nov), and you will have a chance to discuss your idea with our interdisciplinary team of marketing strategists, researchers, designers and film professionals.

You will then have about 2 weeks to complete the documentary, with mentoring from our in-house video professionals at key points.  

If you have any questions about the competition, please contact with the header GEN Z DOC. 

We are looking forward to hearing your ideas!

You can find the downloadable PDF version of this project presentation at this slideshare link