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The Johari Window

The Johari Window reminds us that there is more to people than what they share with others – our identities are complex

Whenever we conduct segmentations (often!) naturally the questions we script most often identify traits relating to the ‘Known Self’. Clever lines of questioning can tap into the ‘Hidden Self’ and even the ‘Blind Self’. What about the ‘Unknown Self’?

Of course, the Johari model does not give us keys to unlocking insights into the Blind and the Unknown Self, but it provides a useful reminder identity is infinitely more complex than either being more or less self-aware, or the gap between who you are and who you project yourself to be.

Also, I like this model because it makes me think of that Rumsfeld quote on ‘known knowns’ that we all laughed at at the time, but which is actually quite incisive. 



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