Revealing Perspectives: A showcase of previous Cultural Intelligence award submissions

We were really proud to recently host an evening focused on semiotics and cultural insight for &more – an MRS initiative that organises events for young researchers and insight professionals.  The event, Revealing Perspectives, was a showcase of the work of the finalists of the Virginia Valentine Award, which Truth created and sponsors.  For those who don’t know, Ginny Valentine was a pioneering commercial semiotician who was seminal in making semiotics relevant to business.

The evening proved to be a wonderful occasion; there was a full house and we could probably have filled a venue twice the size.  One of the most striking aspects of the evening was the way semiotics has evolved to become a much more blended and human-centred discipline.  Seemingly gone are the days when semioticians operated in splendid isolation from other methods and the everyday lived-experiences of people.  This is a wonderful transition.

Another underlying theme, that galvanised both speakers and audience alike, was the belief that we should never take the ordinary for granted.  From this perspective, truth lies in simple things and often hidden in plain sight.  In reality, this is the heartbeat of cultural intelligence; finding answers means peeling away the layers of the everyday and seeing what makes us who we are.

Humanising the way we work in the cultural space is essential if we are to make sense of an increasingly complex and fragmenting world.  By creating new, bespoke and blended approaches to our challenges and opportunities, we open-up new ways of seeing.  In turn, our new ways of seeing help reveal the truths of everyday consumer worlds that will make the difference we all seek.