Making a difference is easy

Over the past few months we have been delighted to see the fruits of our co-creation efforts with easyJet come to life. We ran two co-creation sessions over the course of two days in a mocked up airplane with key points of the customer journey highlighted on the walls and with props around us. Present in the room while we facilitated were our team of illustrators and filming professionals while the clients milled around getting a feel for what was happening, asking their own questions and testing ideas they were currently developing.

We deliberately recruited across the diverse set of easyJet customers. From stags and hens to couples with houses abroad, business customers and those requiring special assistance (young families and those with wheelchairs).

The result was an eclectic mix of insights, ideas and inspirations that really excited the customers about the brand and the easyJet client about making the changes their customers wanted to see.

Little was lost in translation from idea to execution and the simplicity and beauty of each idea is very easyJet in nature. Each is user-friendly, intuitive and smart and appeals to a broad set of customers.

We love a client that embraces change, puts its customer first and makes things happen FAST.

It can be easy.

Happier holidays from all at Truth!