Insight as a really creative act

When we say insight as a creative act, what do we really mean?

Truth is a method-neutral agency. Every researcher, strategist, data analyst, semiotician, designer, cultural expert or innovation specialist here is undoubtedly an expert in their field. However, not being shackled to a particular way of thinking and having the freedom to explore new ideas means that we at Truth can cast the net wider, discover more, and focus on the things that really matter.

Things like understanding the cultural truths that shape people’s lives, the intricate patterns that influence behaviour and the meaningful connections people have with brands. This bigger-picture approach allows us to go beyond insight to deliver creative solutions that drive change, develop brand stories that engage and inspire, and create the truths that help our clients continue to innovate and grow.

Testament to our continued growth and dedication to going beyond insight, Truth boasts a fully-fledged in-house design team. Our roles integrate into project teams to expand our capabilities in areas such as customer journey mapping, service design, customer experience, user interface design, brand films and conceptual design to name but a few. We also operate under the same method neutral philosophy that permits us to use a multitude of other skills we collectively master. We are photographers, fimmakers, product designers, animators, art directors, graphic designers, wireframers, illustrators, the list goes on...

So when we were asked to come up with a new visual brand identity for Truth, with all the creative freedoms afforded to us, we were naturally very excited.

Here's how we did it...



Liquid worlds

The idea of an ever-changing, constantly shifting world was the central theme to the new branding. We used different consistencies of paint to bring this to life - long, flowing strands represent the cultural ‘tides’ that flow through our societies, with smaller dots representing individuals and the connections they have with one another. Using two consistencies that converge represents how Truth’s fluid, organic approach brings all these different elements together.




The right tools for the job

Using the right tools for the job is essential when capturing ‘real’ assets (as opposed to digitally created images). We used top-of-the-line DSLRs, RED film cameras – the same breed you would find in Hollywood – professional lighting setups and studio equipment to make sure the visuals were as versatile and future-proof as possible. Since we did this we have successfully printed the images in many sizes, from 7" booklets to 7’ walls, and have used the footage on large-scale 4K screens.




Flexing our creative muscles

Giving the design team a chance to work together and experiment with creative freedom pushed us in directions we may not have gone before, in areas we were not familiar, producing results we would never have imagined. Being able to demonstrate this, while still sticking to the creative brief by bringing it back to what it means to Truth and our approach to insight, is exactly what we were trying to prove - we have the ability to think outside the box, to go beyond the brief and to create real change. This is what insight as a creative act means.