In our industry and our agency, Diversity and Inclusion must be prioritised

Since the tragic death of George Floyd, people and brands have expressed their shock, dismay, outrage, incredulity and shame about a society which is persistently prejudiced, unjust and violent in its treatment of black people. During this time Truth has been silent.

Truth prides itself on being critical and inquisitive. Our identity is by its very nature defined by asking difficult questions. During this time we have had to ask ourselves - as an organisation with truth at its heart, and as individuals which comprise this organisation - many difficult questions.

Until we make real change, we have not wanted to treat this movement as a passing fad or marketing ploy. We have not wanted to express empty sentiment about our diversity and inclusion practices. We need to take responsibility for the fact that complacency and passivity was not, and never will be, a good enough excuse to justify inaction.

We are working to make tangible change inside our agency and industry to make Insights more representative of the diversity that exists in everyday life - including black and minority-ethnic people, people with disabilities (visible and invisible), people who identify across the gender and sexuality spectrum and all other people systemically disenfranchised by the current status quo.

We have established a Diversity and Inclusion team to embed new ways of thinking and doing into our culture and operations in the long-term. To set change in motion, we are doing the following:

Reviewing our hiring practices.

Ensuring that the work we do is as representative as possible.  

Working harder at outreach & providing support for those under-represented in the industry.

Going forward we will be implementing the above policy, procedural and practice changes so that we can play an active role in removing unconscious racism and discrimination from our business and our industry. We hope our colleagues, clients and counterparts will join us in pledging to do the necessary work – and harness true insight - to unlearn the systemic injustices which shape all people’s lived experience.