Friends with Benefits

This is not about the film. The day I watch a film with Justin Timberlake in will be the same day I decide to curl up on the sofa, underneath a blanket, with a bar of Galaxy and stroke my newly acquired kitten before nodding off with a glass of warm milk in my hand.

This is about using your strong relationships with other agencies and individuals to benefit your clients and your business. It’s about freshness, energisation and generating results that can rarely be provided by one agency alone because the combinations of those skills often don’t reside in the same business.

But it’s also simply about working together with your client’s agencies with the overall objective of growing their business.

We work with design agencies, illustrators, advertising agencies, media agencies, management consultancies, PR agencies etc… We work with them on behalf of the client to deliver better results through our creative and commercial collaborations. We present as an united front, we meet and work together so outputs are always good to go and we are proactive about what we might do together that would be more difficult to do alone.

From the client’s perspective their time is working harder and their business will benefit.

  • There are less ‘discussion sessions’ and more sessions focused on progress and making choices.
  • They get more from their roster or partner agencies. It’s like two agencies for the price of one and a unique perspective on a challenge.
  • They know they have agencies passionate about their business and not just about making money from them or taking the lion’s share of the roster budget.
  • The relationships are kept fresh and challenging. Nothing becomes formulaic and predictable
  • It encourages other agencies to do the same. It’s a virtuous circle.

From our perspective at Truth it certainly enhances our relationships with clients. It shows we do far more than just research and insight, allowing us to showcase our skills and expertise in other areas. It also shows we are in the relationships for the right reasons and are passionate about our client’s businesses. When other agencies recommend or like to work with you, it also tells the client a lot about what you are really like to work with. That can only be good.

We are always open to new and interesting collaborations both in and out of roster or partnership arrangements. What’s important is to establish ground rules, guidelines, ways of working and a respect for the cultures of each other’s business. You will be different and that’s exciting but you mustn’t look or behave divided. That’s the worst result you could hope for in front of your client.

Begin every possible relationship with an open mind and lose the agency ego. We are better together and our clients will be better for it.

Friends with Benefits will lead to love, but not loving Justin Timberlake films…