Designing businesses and value propositions for commercial success

Research shows that only 1% of ideas developed by large corporations end up making a real impact. One of the reasons for such a low success rate is that the path we take from idea to market is not as straightforward as we often envisage. 

Traditionally, companies start with a strong focus on what’s desirable. What do customers want? How can we meet their needs? Once the creative stage of ideation is done, the project is handed over to the strategy team, who will crunch the numbers to figure out viability and execution details.

The issue is that there is often a gap between the realisation of what’s desirable and what’s feasible. At Truth, we use design thinking and tools such as prototyping, co-creation and visualisation to help our clients create business models and strategies at the same time that propositions are being developed.

The result: better ideas and clearer strategies, with less risk.

To get a sneak preview of what happens in a typical Business Design workshop, check out the video below.