Culture-Hacking everyday life

In a recent blog – What is this thing called ‘culture’? – we talked about the importance of getting properly plugged into culture. But how to do it? From our perspective, the first (and probably most important) step is to be clear about our intentions and needs. What is it that we really want to achieve? And do existing tools allow us to get where we need to be?

With this in mind, Truth has developed Culture-Hacking; our conceptual framework for exploring and understanding culture. At its heart, culture-hacking is a re-enchantment of the taken-for-granted world and is inspired by a desire to see more of what lies hidden, often in plain sight, and which is frequently ignored. Strangely, culture is everywhere yet everywhere invisible. 

For culture-hackers, culture is the central nervous system of everyday life. Culture makes us who we are and our challenge is how to access this system. Hacking is a metaphor that helps us frame both the challenge and our response. 

Image courtesy of Flickr user AndreasSImagine computer hackers obsessing over ‘entry points’ into a network or code. Or urban explorers hacking into the underbelly of a global city’s subway system. Or archaeologists, the original pick and trowel hackers, scraping away at soil until the material story unfolds. Understanding culture requires us to be equally relentless. We are looking for the doors that give us access, wherever they may be.

Understanding culture also requires an obsession with the everyday and the ability to recognise that all may not be as it at first seems. We need to unlearn the ways of working that prevent us seeing what lies hidden. The taken-for-granted becomes a problem, a challenge, and not self-evident.  

To get to grips with culture, we need to approach it as ‘something’ requiring consistent searching, following, analysis and deconstruction. In the world of culture we need to be brave enough to experiment with our ways of seeing, doing, thinking and acting. Understanding culture requires us to be methodologically playful and creatively agnostic.

*Keep an eye out for our next blog in the culture series where we will assemble the 11 truths of Culture-Hacking