Brands as Stories

Brands as Stories – why storytelling is vital to your brand

At Truth, we believe the old marketing model of pushing one-way communications at consumers has become unworkable. People now have much more choice and control over the media they consume and brands need to create original content that their audiences choose to engage with and share with others.

This shift has led us to create an approach we call Brands as Stories, which allows us to help the brands we work with to identify their place in an increasingly complex cultural landscape and position themselves to create stories that matter to consumers and which will allow them to thrive.

There are four main pillars to our Brands as Stories approach:

• Tell a story that matters

• Influence the influencers

• Commit to always-on conversation

• Curate experiences that surprise and delight

Tell a story that matters

Telling a story that matters is rooted in Truth’s focus on culture as a means of helping us make sense of the ever-changing world around us. Brands can only tell a story that matters by being connected to culture and utilising it to create meaning, richness and relevance in their interactions with consumers. This cultural connectedness acts as a catalyst for content and future-facing ideas, allowing them to establish cultural legitimacy and disrupt category conventions.

Influence the influencers

Influencing the influencers means moving away from traditional mass-marketing to a more targeted approach that identifies key influencers as the best way of disseminating a brand’s story. With the advent of social media, consumers are now more empowered to take control of brands and culture themselves in a more creative way. These creative consumers can be targeted with fresh, original content that they’ll want to consume and share, influencing their networks and creating new customers.

Commit to always-on conversation

Committing to always-on conversation allows brands to step outside of the traditional marketing model of one-way messaging and engage their consumers in a genuine conversation with owned, earned and paid media working together to ensure maximum impact, reach and engagement. Always-on is not just about starting a conversation, but sustaining it over time and giving your customers the opportunity to create new ones by engaging with your brand.

Curate experiences that surprise and delight

The final pillar of the Brands as Stories approach is enabling brands to curate experiences that surprise and delight. This is all about fostering that elusive ‘brand love’ by thinking about the entire brand experience as a narrative in which each interaction with your brand should offer an opportunity to surprise and delight your consumers.

Thinking of Brands as Stories allows us to provide our clients with an ambitious brand story that connects with culture and positions them for growth, an influencer engagement strategy that targets creative consumers, an always-on content strategy that puts them at the heart of the conversation and a review of the brand’s eco-system that encompasses experience design, customer journeys and channel strategy.

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