Another piece in the Jigsaw?

When Peter Ruis left John Lewis to become CEO of Jigsaw in 2013, there was a big chance that significant change would be the order of the day for both companies.  Jigsaw had undoubtedly lost its sparkle – a once edgy brand had grown soft and undefined.  While at John Lewis, Peter helped the business to redefine its’ magic and to look ahead.  Fast forward to October 2017 and we have Jigsaw, and Peter, centre-stage with a daring, challenging, provocative and utterly wonderful campaign. 

For the first time in many years, it seems that Jigsaw is now a brand with purpose and a point of view.  A definite breath of fresh air in a world where it is far easier to play it safe, and far too easy to generate faux-purpose; where nothing really happens, and no internal challenges are raised.  Take a look at Jigsaw for a different perspective.  Although a small brand, it has made the grandest gesture.  By opening the door to its home-truths, from the origins of fabrics and tailoring, through to the very essence of style itself, Jigsaw has revealed its own hybridity and multi-dependency on ‘others’.  And importantly, Jigsaw has drawn a line in the sand and said “this is where we stand”.  A brand purpose is something you stand behind and, if necessary, relentlessly defend.